Parlor Late Night Food

Step up to the Parlor above Asheville Beauty Academy for a late night meal as we proudly present Chef David Van Tassel’s menu aimed to satisfy those midnight munchies. Offering just what you need, handmade and delicious comfort food for the late night crowd.


Whether you’re partying downstairs at ABA, or stepping in from an evening show around town, the Parlor Late Night has got you covered with ham rolls, crunch wraps, biscuits and more with some vegan and gluten free options!


The romantic lightning and chill vibes create the right ambiance to enjoy drinks at the bar and chat one on one or with a group, while recharging from the excitement of downtown.


At the Asheville Beauty Academy, the longer you stay the better you look. 21+

Asheville Beauty Academy 28 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801

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