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A Wickedly Delightful Brunch: The Villains Edition

Mwahahaha! Dearest darlings, it's time to embrace your inner villain and join us for a brunch that's as mischievously delicious as it is fabulous. On October 15th, the award-winning Ida Carolina, queen of the dark arts, will be your enchanting hostess, bringing a touch of wickedness to your Sunday.

But that's not all, my pretties! We've summoned the captivating Versage, the dastardly delightful Rob Scene, and the spellbinding Alexis Black making her grand appearance to ensure a show that's dripping with delightful malevolence.

For a mere $45, indulge in a buffet that even the Evil Queen would envy, a drag show that will leave you spellbound, and a complimentary potion—choose between a Mimosa or Bloody Mary. But, a word to the wise: seats in our lair are limited, so snag yours before they disappear in a puff of smoke!


Sinister Schedule: Doors magically open at 12pm. Feast begins at 12:30pm. The bewitching performance commences at 1pm.


For those mischievous souls who desire only the show's enchantment, tickets are $10, available only at the door, from 1pm.

Villains Drag Brunch | October 15th

  • If you are purchasing tickets separately but you are part of a group and would like for everyone to seat together, please let us know everybody's names and we'll have a table comfortable for your party size ready. send us a message

  • In order to receive a full refund, cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the show. Partial refunds may be issued for cancellations made 24 hours prior to the show.